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Welcome to the Ms Delta Wireless Internet Service Provider's website!

At Ms Delta Wireless we are dedicated to bringing high speed                            wireless internet service to Sharkey and Issaquena and South                      Washington Counties.   Our 900 MHz. system is perfectly suited                              for providing non line-of-sight wireless technology for our counties.

Wireless technology is definitely the wave of the future, especially                           for the rural communities.  MSDELTAWIRELESS's service is not                            bound by the limitations of wire-line infrastructure and we can                            reach customers where DSL or Cable is a rare possibility. 

MSDELTAWIRELESS's "always on" fast connection enhances                            your Internet performance and empowers the user with fast                              uploads and equally fast downloads.  MSDELTAWIRELESS is                                    one of the first to launch in the Rolling Fork Area.  We are                                dedicated to providing a great internet experience through faster speeds!

                          Our Services 

The demand for broadband internet access is growing rapidly                        throughout our service areas. Mississippi Delta Wireless service is                    available for either Home or Business/Corporate use within the             msdeltawireless service coverage area.  Some areas may not be covered.

This broadband solution offers demanding customers symmetrical                     broadband speeds where before no other options existed. Our                           wireless access service uses radio frequency (RF) to transmit and                     receive data. (See our Learn section for more information on how                            this technology works!)

Call today and Mississippi Delta Wireless will send a team of technicians                     to your location at no charge, to determine signal strength and custom              installation details. Whether an indoor or outdoor antenna is needed,                      you will find it non-intrusive, and can be installed easily!

    Services:( include)

        On Site Analysis

        Installation of Equipment

        1 connection from the POP (point of presence)

        Static IP Addresses available at extra charge

        Up to 5 email accounts

  Additional Services:( available)

        PC Repair

        Computer Network Installation

        Network Troubleshooting and Repair

  Customer Preparation:(for installation)

*Operational Computer

*Available Network Interface Card

  Minimum Computer System Requirements:

*Pentium III 400Mhz processor or better

*Operating System-Windows 98 or higher